Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (previously known as manic depression) is a disorder in which you experience intense mood changes, often feeling extremely high or low, with episodes lasting for days or weeks, or months.

Everyone has variations in their mood, but in bipolar disorder these changes can be very distressing and have a major impact on your life.

It is sometimes confusing as the symptoms don’t necessarily last all the time and you experience periods of feeling “well”.

  • Manic symptoms can include unexplained irritability, excitement, increased energy, speeding thoughts, unusual overinflated self-confidence associated with unrealistic plans, out of character impulsive and risky behaviours, less need to sleep, unexplained increased consumption of alcohol.
  • Depressive symptoms can include excessive tiredness and lack of energy, lack of motivation, lack of interest in usual activities, poor concentration, wish to be alone, difficulty to socialise and tendency to isolate oneself, increased or decreased sleep, increased or decreased eating, feeling worthless, and suicidal thoughts.


During the assessment, our specialist consultant psychiatrist, will ask you about

  • Your symptoms and when you first experienced them
  • Your feelings leading up to an episode of high or low mood, how long it lasts, how many episodes you have had and how frequently they occur
  • Whether you have any thoughts of harming yourself
  • Medical background
  • Family history
  • The doctor may also check for any physical health problems especially thyroid problems.
  • Bipolar disorder is a lifelong and often recurring illness, you may need long-term support and continuous observation.


Dr Sam Nayrouz
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Nayrouz is a consultant psychiatrist with over 24 years of experience in general adult psychiatry and particular expertise in the areas of bipolar and depressive disorders as well as Adult ADHD.

Dr Nayrouz has been a Consultant Psychiatrist at West London NHS Trust since 2005 and Director of Clinical Studies since 2014. He has been an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial Medical School since 2005 (awarded the Imperial School Teaching Excellence Award in 2011 and 2018), as well as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at AUC Medical School in the US, granted in 2012. Dr Nayrouz held various previous roles at West London Trust where he was deputy then Senior Clinical Lead for 3 years, Physical Healthcare Lead for 4 years and the Affective Disorders Lead for over 3 years.


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