Emma Berou

Bach. Ed (hons) and PGc Autism and Asperger’s syndrome (current)
Parent Support

Emma has worked for over 20 years in education – as a class teacher, Special Needs Coordinator and a Head Teacher.  She also has 10 years personal experience of parenting two children with autism. Her professional and personal experience have given Emma the opportunity to work with many parents and children, various organisations, professionals, schools, community groups, and local authorities. Her experience and knowledge with these distinct groups, enable Emma to coordinate a consistent support package for children/young people and their families. Her main focus is to enable parents to support their child/young person.

Emma works with families, alongside other professionals at the International Clinic, London, to support parents from the diagnostic process onwards and to provide practical help to translate their child/young person’s needs and set up effective support at home and school following diagnosis.

Issues/Problems of Specialisation

Post Diagnosis

Emma works with parents on explaining the diagnoses and the specific profile of their child/young person’s needs. She will explore with you the challenges it presents and identify areas of support that would be helpful for the child/young person and family.

Practical Support

Emma will identify and provide bespoke resources to support your child/young person at home. She has expertise in sourcing and creating unique resources to suit each child/young person and family. This can include: Visual resources (timetables, reward systems, emotional regulation charts) and /or sensory equipment – calming and/or alerting resources, sensory calming dens, mobile activity packs, aggression diversion.

Explaining to others

Emma supports parents on how to speak to their child/young person about the process of assessment and ultimately their diagnosis and the challenges it presents. Also how to approach the subject with siblings and other extended family members and friends. This includes provision of appropriate literature and / or visual social stories.


Emma offers advice about and liaison with your child/young person’s school. This may be to prioritise content of a school support plan, discuss provision or help request an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). Emma can also advise about Local Authority School provision and other school placement options.

Signposting Provision

There is a wealth of facilities, support groups, social clubs, finance provision, respite options and resources available to support families with additional needs. Emma can signpost what is available in your local area and advise about applications and processes.

Ongoing support

Once practical provision has been established, Emma can provide ongoing support to discuss how effective resources and strategies are and make adjustments as required, both at home and at school.


The reboot package can be used when support has been in place for a while and needs reviewing and updating. It might be used at a point of change or just to refresh current resources and strategies.

Coordination and Communication

In comprehensive assessments, more than one practitioner become involved with the child/young person, and their families. Emma coordinates the different assessments, sessions, and input, and provides a point of contact to discuss any concerns or practicalities through the diagnostic process, in addition to providing a package of supportive sessions throughout.


Emma offers an initial consultation with parents to establish their circumstances and the areas of support they seek. Initial consultations last for 60 minutes. The consultation includes a follow up summary with recommendations. The initial consultation can be a home visit, via Skype, or phone; all follow-up support and packages are via Skype or phone. Following the initial consultation, and depending on the individual case, a package of support from Emma’s areas of expertise, may be offered to provide further input.

Emma doesn’t meet or work directly with the child/young person but with the parents’ permission has access to the relevant reports and assessments regarding the diagnosis.


Emma currently offers online and phone sessions. 


The initial consultation with Emma is 60 minutes, and most follow-up sessions are 30 minutes long.

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