Coping with Stress: A Time-Limited Intervention

by ICL
Jul 30, 2017

Stress is a part of our everyday existence, and it can affect various aspects of our life. Certain amounts of stress, with good coping strategies help us perform better, avoid unnecessary dangers, and deal with difficult situations. But this is not the stress we talk about, or worry about, or need to cope better with.


There are two main triggers for our stress: major life events or accumulation of everyday events.

Major life events are the big changes, whether positive or negative, that lead to a shift in our life situation, most commonly health issues, marriage, having a child, or death of a lived one.  Some of us deny the impact of major life events, especially if the event is seen as positive and so we  expect (and allow) for only happy feelings. But positive or negative major life events need to be acknowledged, and the stress from this change managed.

The second trigger is accumulation of everyday events. This is the accumulation of work, family, personal and social issues. This is often unrecognised and minimized by many people. Common thoughts are “I should be used to it” “Everyone does it, why should it affect me“… these types of thoughts then cause more stress.

If not dealt with adequately, stress can have major effects on us on including our physical health, our psychological well-being, and our relationships.

Some of the common physical impacts are headaches, stomach issues, muscle pain, chest pain, fatigue, sleep issues, appetite disturbances, and changes in sex drive. Stress also affects our behaviours causing us to over or under eat, have anger outbursts, social withdrawal, and use or overuse of alcohol, and tobacco. Finally stress also affects our mood and emotions, including feeling overwhelmed, anxious, restless, irritable, sad or depressed.


That is why at the International Clinic, London, we decided to offer this time limited intervention to help you cope with stress. The intervention is 6 sessions, once weekly, with one of our experienced psychotherapists. We will be offering the sessions in English, Russian, ArabicChinese, and Ukrainian. The sessions will take place from our location in Harley Street.

The aims of this intervention are to

  1. Provide you with psycho-education on your stress, and how it is affecting the different areas of your life
  2. Assess your coping strategies, and how they are helpful or harmful (and so increasing your stress levels)
  3. Teach you skills to manage your stress better
  4. Assess what changes need to be made in your life to lead a less stressful, calmer, and more grounded life

There are no miracle cures, but we are hopeful that the sessions will help you cope and manage better.


Get in touch for more details and to book your first session!
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