Dr Manal El Maraghy

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr El-Maraghy is a General Adult Psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, having assessed and managed almost all aspects of Mental Health. Dr El-Maraghy has practiced in Cairo, Dubai and the UK, often in multicultural regions. She is fluent in Arabic and English, and with an understanding of French

Dr El-Maraghy started her career in 1991, training at the Behman Hospital, Egypt, soon after graduating from Ain Shams Medical School. In 1995, Dr. El-Maraghy moved to the U.K., worked in various settings and with various teams in the Midland, London, and East of England. Dr. El-Maraghy was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as an acknowledgment of her contribution to patients’ care and to the profession. She obtained a Post-graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy and a Post-graduate degree in Medical Education. Dr. El-Maraghy has a number of active roles in the Royal College of Psychiatrists, sitting on different boards, contributing to a number of policies, and also an Examiner. She is an Honorary Visiting Senior Clinical Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University. She is currently working as an NHS Consultant in Essex.

Issues/Problems of Specialisation
Dr Manal El-Maraghy has extensive experience in managing all presentations of mental disorders affecting adults of working age. She is psychologically minded, as well as updated of all biological aspects of mental disorders with confidence in prescribing, being a member of the British Association Of Psychopharmacology.

Particularly experienced in dealing with

Mental Health of women during the Perinatal period
Anxiety and Depression
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
First Episode of Psychosis
Bipolar Affective Disorder
Eating Disorders
Stress reaction/ PTSD
Dr El-Maraghy has particular interest and experience in women’s mental health especially in the Perinatal period (during pregnancy and a year following birth, or following miscarriage). Additionally, she has many years of experience in the overlap between mental health and physical health (Liaison endorsement).

Dr El Maraghy currently offers both online and face-to-face sessions at Ten Harley St.

Spoken Languages



Adults 18+ Years
Eating Disorder
Personality Disorders


International Clinic London
Harley, London
Nassau, London
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