Evangelia Theochari


Lead OT (PICU/Galaxy)

Evangelia is qualified in Occupational therapy in 1998-1999 and has worked as an Occupational Therapist ever since. After her graduation as an occupational therapist, she came to UK with a scholarship from Greece to complete her MSc in Pediatric OT with the University of East London. Her occupational therapy experience expands across different settings, in inpatient, community, private organizations, and the NHS in the UK and abroad.

Evangelia is highly skilled in adolescent mental health recovery, family support, sensory integration, coaching, and occupational therapy assessments and interventions, using evidence-based reflective practice. Her interventions range from goal-orientated therapy to specific therapeutic interventions according to the needs of the child/young person and their family’s understanding (for example: sensory strategies, psychoeducation, etc.).

Ms. Theochari currently works in the NHS as Head of Adult Mental Health Services in Community Settings in East London. She also works as Lead OT for a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit for Adolescents. Evangelia has also been a teacher in a Greek school for more than seventeen years and supported pupils that needed extra help with their learning. She specifically assessed their needs with concentration, attention, handwriting and emotional dysregulation associated with learning experiences.

Ms. Theochari has gained expertise in therapeutic education for children and young people with developmental trauma. Previously worked as Head of a therapeutic school and in Newham Community Specialist Services as a Children’s Therapies Service Manager, as well as, at Head of Clinical Service for Pediatric Occupational Therapy in West London.

Issues/Problems of Specialisation
Evangelia loves working with children/young people and their families/friends, schools, colleges, relatives, and appropriate contexts where her clients belong. Occupational therapy is about seeing the child and the young person holistically and empowering them to take control of their lives, gain new skills and re-learn old ones maximizing resilience and independence in every single way.

Evangelia believes that life does not have to stop because of difficulty. She is always available to listen, understand and apply the best practice available to the best of her ability. Evangelia finds her passion in working with young people, whatever she does, comes from the heart!

​Evangelia is looking forward to meeting you and working with your child.

Spoken Languages



Children 0-12 Years
Adolescents 13-17 Years
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


International Clinic London
Harley, London
Nassau, London
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